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Earth Authors Programme

Developed and run in Collaboration with Cogitation Club, Earth Authors is a unique one-year mentoring program for children to create children’s books. Walking mindfully, middle school students explore the natural world and create storybooks using their real-life experiences. Along the way, they understand crucial threats to the planet such as the climate crisis, and solutions like ecosystem restoration, food security, and planetary health. The students’ expressions such as writings, artwork, and discussions, create a documentation of their exploration for posterity. Using their learnings, each participant writes, illustrates, and publishes a storybook, and brings support for environmental causes.


There’s nothing like a storybook reading to lift your spirits, calm you down or learn something new! Here’s Rumaysa Ibrahim’s reading of A Flutter in the Poonga by Mohammad Ashfaque A. as they take you on a journey into a butterfly’s life!

Collection of Book Covers by the first cohort of the Earth Authors, 2020-2021

Why Enrol

  • Rooted in values of traditional wayfinding such as listening to nature, existing as a community, and being driven by a vision

  • Participants will learn through a blended, research-backed curriculum, designed and implemented by experts.

  • Using their learnings, each participant will write, illustrate and publish a storybook, and speak up for social causes.

  • The experiences they gain will help participants become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and wise-reasoning individuals.


Students of Ages 11 to 18 years


6 months


Online and offline

Our Mentors

K Ramnath

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar


Aneesa Jamal

Ashvini Menon

Ashvini Menon

More About the Programme

  • Creating books is largely driven by the participants’ working with the mentors, listening to feedback and engaging consistently.

  • Children who put in the required effort every week produce an exemplary output.

  • Journaling is encouraged. We have found that the originality of written expression, art work and the transformation in participants is deeply visible when they journal regularly.

  • Earth Authors Program will involve the participants going on short walks in their neighbourhood. Parental company for safety is advised.

  • The program does not include the cost of design of the book. You are welcome to design on your own, work with a designer, publish on Amazon Kindle, or inform us at the right stage if you need a designer, which will involve an additional fee on actuals.

"What kept me going was the thought of my book being read by people around the world, and my own written text sitting on my palm in its very book form…"

Grade 5, Earth Author 2018

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