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How many participants do you select for the Earth Educators Fellowship 2022-2023? 

YouCAN plans to select 20 participants from across India between 20 to 35 years of age for the cohort, for which applications are open now. 

Is YouCAN a registered organization? 

No, YouCAN is a non-profit initiative. Some of the initiatives are administered by the Trust for Environmental Education (TREE), a registered, public charitable Trust founded in 1986 to spread environmental education in schools. 

Can we donate to your initiatives? 

Yes, TREE is a registered organization that is eligible to receive donations. We are registered under them.

What educational materials are used by YouCAN to teach students about ecology and conservation?

We use a diverse range of educational materials to teach students about ecology and conservation. Many are created by our partners. Some are designed specifically for our programs. A few of our communication and leadership tools are the ones that were developed by the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Do I need to give a full-time commitment to be an Earth Educator?

No. Commitment to the program is 20-hours a week, excluding travel for the workshops. Please refer to the Earth Educators Prospectus for more details. 

Will someone guide me when I am stuck in the middle of the fellowship?

We will guide you through different means at regular intervals once you are selected as Earth Educator Fellow.

Can I take the help of someone in my circle/community?

Yes, you can! 

I am scared of public speaking, but I want to become an Earth Educator Fellow; what should I do?

Being able to speak is not everything. So, you should apply for this program! We give our best to guide you to communicate effectively to students, enabling you to become a better public speaker.

I am a person with little knowledge about environmental issues, but I am superficially aware of something being wrong and want to participate. Can I become an Earth Educator Fellow?

The Earth Educator Fellowship requires a certain level of experience to participate in it. However, if you can convince the selection committee to choose you for the program by writing a compelling application, there are possibilities we will select you for the program. Experience is not everything. It’s your receptivity to engage with us. 

I work in the private sector and want to contribute to society by becoming an Earth Educator Fellow, but my company does not allow me to take off other than weekends. Can something be done on weekends?

We empathize with your scenario. Though Earth Educators Fellowship is primarily focused on schools, we have found innovative programs being carried out by our Fellows outside of schools too. The fellowship requires a certain level of time commitment. So, suppose you are available only on weekends. In that case, you could volunteer, explore nature in your locality, and teach in your community, such as apartments, flat associations, public parks, after-school centers, etc. 

What is the financial commitment for the Fellowship?

The Earth Educators Fellowship for 2022-23 is an all-expenses-covered program. Please read the prospectus for more details. 

I am a homemaker, and I want to contribute to YouCAN by being at home. Can you guide me on how?

Yes, definitely! Don’t hesitate to contact us, mentioning your specific interests, skills, and time available to volunteer. We will get back to you with options.

I am a graduate looking for an internship/certification in social entrepreneurship. Can I consider YouCAN as one?

We are sorry to say that we are not conducting Earth Educators Programme Fellowship specific to the social entrepreneurship sector. But, we do have internship opportunities open from time to time. Do write about the kind of avenues you are looking for.

What happened to the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship? 

The Earth Educators Fellowship was formerly called the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship. We will launch a new program called the Earth Ambassadors shortly. 

Can we visit Nature Quest @Rivendell? 

Yes! Please write to us, and we will organize a visit for you depending on the available dates

Can we collaborate with YouCAN? 

YouCAN believes in the spirit of collaboration and welcomes collaborations. Please write to us. 

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