How many individuals do you select for the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship 2020-21?

We plan to select our Fellows based on the number of enthusiastic applications this year. 

What are the educational materials used by YouCAN to teach students about environment and conservation?

We use a diverse range of educational materials to teach students about nature and conservation. They are created by our collaborators. Many are designed specifically depending on the region of our Earth Ambassadors. A few of our communication and leadership tools are the ones that were developed by the East-West Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Do I need to give a full time commitment to be an Earth ambassador?

No. Our application process is brief. You can see the form from the "Apply" section of our website. If shortlisted, we might invite you for a day's engagement in Chennai. Upon selection, you will need to attend a five day "forest retreat" workshop in May 2020, a three-day retreat in December 2020 and a final fellowship get-together in April 2021. 

How much time do I need to give every month for the Fellowship?

Earth Ambassadors need to give a minimum of four hours a month for their sessions. This excludes preparatory time. 

Will someone guide me when I am stuck in the middle of the fellowship?

We will guide you through different means at regular intervals once you are selected as an Earth Ambassador Fellow. 

Can I take the help of someone in my circle/community?

Yes you can!

I am scared of public speaking, but I want to become an Earth Ambassador Fellow, what should I do?

Being able to speak is not everything. So, you should apply for this program! We give our best to guide you to communicate effectively to students, in turn, enabling you to become a better public speaker.

I am a person with little knowledge about environmental issues, but I am superficially aware of something being wrong and I want to take part. Can I become an Earth ambassador Fellow?

Of course you can!

I work in a private sector and want to contribute to society by becoming an Earth Ambassador Fellow, but my company does not allow me to take off other than weekends. Can something be done on weekends?

We empathise with your scenario. Though Earth Ambassadors Fellowship is primarily focused on schools, we have found innovative programs being carried out by our Fellows outside of schools too. So, if you are available only on weekends, you could design a program in your community. For example, apartment and flat associations and public parks. 

What is the financial commitment for the Fellowship?

We will cover your travel expenses for the one-day workshop, if you are shortlisted as an Earth Ambassador Fellow. If you are selected as one, we will cover your travel expenses for the workshops and get-togethers during the beginning, middle and end. All these fares are covered up to 3rd AC. In addition to these, once selected, you will have an opportunity apply for a seed funding grant of up to Rs. 30,000/- to set up your eco-club. This seed fund will be based on the viability of the proposals and the Fellows enterprise. 

I am a homemaker and I want to contribute to YouCAN by being at home, can you guide me how?

Yes, definitely! Please contact us mentioning your specific interests, skills, and time available to volunteer. We will get back to you with options.

I am a graduate looking for an internship/certification in social entrepreneurship sector. Can I consider YouCAN ambassador-ship as one?

We are sorry to say that we are not conducting Earth Ambassadors Programme Fellowship as a social entrepreneurship one. But, we do have internship opportunities open from time to time. Do write you about the kind of avenues you are looking for.