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Our Team

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Rachita Sinha, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Educator | Learning Designer

Rachita is a practitioner with nine years of experience designing and administering educational courses in technology, environment, Indian music, and dance for multinational companies and non-profit organisations. She is a GP Birla Women Leader with the Ananta Aspen Centre. She has completed certificate courses from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, East-West Centre, and the National Geographic Society. Rachita’s expertise is in learning experience design, program design, youth facilitation, change management, and gender-inclusive leadership. 

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K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Natural History Storyteller | Educator | National Geographic Explorer

Ramnath is a practitioner with fourteen years of experience conceptualising and implementing environmental education programs for schools and creating nature conservation stories from concept to completion through photography and filmmaking. Ramnath’s expertise is in community organising, oral storytelling, experiential learning facilitation, program management, nature photography, and documentary filmmaking. He was shortlisted for the Rolex Young Laureates Programme in 2010 and is a 2022 National Geographic Explorer.

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Aashra Hahhah Iype
Associate - Education and Communications

Aashra has been delving into the grassroots of Himachal Pradesh and creating community-driven initiatives. They have worked on and participated in campaigns for conservation, conducted on-ground surveys, and strive towards using science, research, and their love for nature to protect the environment. “As we nurture the next generation, we can empower and encourage them to lead sustainable development projects”, says Aashra who envisions a future where communities will lead with awareness, curiosity, and passion to protect their environment. 

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Ramakrishnan Muthulingam

Creative Associate

Ramakrishnan’s passion is telling stories. He transitioned from being a biomedical engineer to becoming a filmmaker. Since then, he has worked as an assistant director for feature films and pursued event photography. At YouCAN he captures the stories of our Earth Educators and Earth Authors through photo and video. 

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Sridhar Raja
Nature learning facilitator

Sridhar has worked as an assistant professor at the electronics and communications department in an Engineering college in Chennai. He hails from Pattabiram, a town on the city's outskirts, where he has facilitated programs for children to connect with nature. Sridhar is a YouCAN Fellow, and while pursuing the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship in 2019, he transitioned to nature and environmental education. Since then, he has worked with 13 schools, facilitating DIY environmental education projects. He has successfully completed online education courses with the National Geographic Society and is a certified Nat Geo Educator. Sridhar is currently a full-time nature-learning facilitator at YouCAN.

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Ashvini Menon

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Educator  

Ashvini Menon is a passionate visual experience designer who looks forward to pushing the boundaries of all what visual design can do. She has completed her post-graduation in Graphic Design from The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and post-graduate diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development from Indira Gandhi National Open University. She advises YouCAN on design and branding for communication, and helps us by creating illustrations and designs.

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Joy Enabler 

Ripple is an integral part of the YouCAN Family. She inspires us in many ways every day. She makes us realise the importance of curiosity, unconditional giving, and situational awareness, also the need for play, rest, and rigour in our lives. 

Our Partners and Collaborators

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Lorven Education Society

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Wildlife Association of Rajapalayam

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Changelooms, by Pravah

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The Science and Adventure Club, Trichy


HLC, The Social Incubator

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