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Nisha Bhakat, Masters candidate, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Kolkata, India.

“The fellowship was one of my best life choices yet. The gentle yet energetic team created a healthy environment where every participant could find their niche to approach the project in their own manner while maintaining the basic guidelines needed to be a good educator. They taught me to not be afraid of the path of my dream and to take chances, both of which have yielded fruitful results. I would recommend this program and its diversely beautiful people to anyone who is interested in nature, kids, communities, or all of them”

Rohit Varma, Jharkhand, India. 

“Through this program, I’ve been able to develop self-belief and also make friends across regions, religions, communities, and language boundaries. Even with their inability to understand my words, it was possible. I got uncomfortable and that’s how I learned something new. I think this will not just help me, but the children and community I’m going to be working with in the years to come.”

Biswajit De, Assam, India.

“The sessions that I have been conducting through this program have made my connection with wetlands, forests, and the urban biosphere more strong and profound. It introduced me to many new educational tools, which actually added positive values to the learning that I have already had, from institutions in India and Abroad.”

Sridhar Raja, Tamil Nadu, India.

“I am from an engineering background but this program has taught me that you can connect with nature no matter what your background is. Since the setting is friendly and not formal, it helped me learn ways in which I can bond with students. Every time I interacted with the facilitators in the fellowship, I learned something new”

Sowjanya Singari, Andhra Pradesh, India.

“Before joining the program and attending the workshops I was unaware of many things, but after coming here I have become very patient and have created an eco-club. Now I see a difference in my life.”

Tejaswi Battula, Andhra Pradesh, India .

"I used to lead a life as I pleased until I entered this Programme. Now I have adopted a lifestyle where I consider not only my own needs but also that of the ecosystems that support us". 

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