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Find curated content here for self-awareness and inspiration. You can also use these to help spread awareness within your educational or social circles. Kindly showcase these along with the credits to the original authors, mentioned in the links. 


SOS - Save Our Sholas

Documentary Film 23.49 mins

This film provides a glimpse into the amazing diversity of life in the “shola” forests of the southern Western Ghats. Understand the importance of protecting a biodiversity hot spot and the formation of monsoon. 

The Truth About Tigers

Documentary Film 40.08 mins

The tiger, India’s National Animal, is disappearing at an alarming rate from our forests. Government estimates reveal that there may be fewer than 2000 left. Why have India’s tigers declined so drastically?

Point Calimere - Little Kingdom by the Coast

Documentary Film 21.31 mins

This 25-minute film showcases the biodiversity of the Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary in coastal Tamilnadu and its conservation problems. It is an extremely important passageway for migratory birds flying to Sri Lanka via India. 

The Ridleys Last Stand.JPG

The Ridley's Last Stand

Documentary Film 45.20 mins

Tens of thousands of these Olive Ridley Turtles visit the coast of Orissa, in India, every year to mate and nest. The film provides rare insights into the natural history and conservation of these mysterious creatures. 

Mindless Mining - The Tragedy of Kudremukh

Documentary Film 12.16 mins

A open cast iron ore mining operation stripped the hills bare for over 20 years at the heart of the Kudremukh National Park, a stunning rainforest and grassland ecosystem.

Chilika - The Jewel Of Odisha

Documentary Film 21.13 mins

Asia’s largest brackish water lake, Chilika, in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, was considered a dying wetland until the late 1990s. But thanks to scientific restoration by the Chilika Development Authority (CDA), it is now again a  vibrant refuge for wildlife and a reliable source of livelihood for local communities.

India's Disappearing Beaches

Documentary Film 14.15 mins

Discover why India's beaches are eroding at an alarming rate, and what can be done to stop this disaster from spreading further. Saving India's disappearing beaches is everyone's business, and the movement begins here.

A Day At Mysuru Zoo

Documentary Film 25.26 mins

This film was commissioned by the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru, India, to commemorate its 125th year of existence. With its old-world charm, clean and green surroundings, spacious enclosures, and well-cared for animals, it is clearly one of the best zoos in Asia. 

The Race to Save the Amur Falcon

Documentary Film 20:05mins

Around a remote reservoir in India's far northeast, a small team of conservationists discovered something that was both enthralling and alarming. During a biodiversity survey in the winter of 2012, they stumbled upon vast flocks of Amur falcons, the likes of which they had never seen before.

Conservationist Praveen Bhargav narrates a riveting case of civilian activism aimed at saving the verdant forests of the Kudremukh belt in the Western Ghats from the horrors of unscientific mining. 

From Killer Roads to Humane Highways

Documentary Film 17:29mins

The rapid expansion of roads and highways through Protected Areas and corridors is one of the most serious threats facing India’s wildlife today.

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