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Our Programmes


Earth Authors Programme

Developed and run in Collaboration with Cogitation Club, Earth Authors is a unique one-year mentoring program for children to create children’s books. Walking mindfully, middle school students explore the natural world and create storybooks using their real-life experiences. Along the way, they understand crucial threats to the planet such as the climate crisis, and solutions like ecosystem restoration, food security, and planetary health. The students’ expressions such as writings, artwork, and discussions, create a documentation of their exploration for posterity. Using their learnings, each participant writes, illustrates, and publishes a storybook, and brings support for environmental causes.

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Earth Educators Fellowship

The Earth Educators Fellowship brings together 20 young volunteers for the environment, emerging grassroots conservationists, school teachers, and informal educators with an enterprising spirit to challenge to status quo of environmental education in schools, and in their communities. They are invited to embark on a year-long journey to explore the natural world, curate immersive learning experiences for students, build skills, and a community to lead positive conservation action in their locality.

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