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Who are our Earth Ambassadors in 2019?

Authenticity is one of the key traits we need while working with children. Authenticity comes from lived experiences like observing a patch of land and discovering the various life forms that live in them. In the coming months, our Earth Ambassadors will be developing such lived experiences by being in the field, working with children in their localities, through mentorship and peer learning. This journey becomes enriching when there are:

  • Two teachers from a school in a little town in Andhra

  • Two undergraduates from Trichy and Maharashtra with an interest in nature and inclination to work with adolescents.

  • A masters in environmental management student from Jharkhand.

  • An assistant professor from Chennai with a drive to work with a school near his locality.

  • A teacher from Assam with an interest to work in schools in remote areas of the state.

  • And finally, a higher secondary student from Haryana who has been leading her school’s eco-club for a while.

The question we all hold is, how might we create such new roles for citizens and institutions during the time of an ecological crisis?

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