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Vedanthangal Campaign Toolkit

Below is a gallery of pictures contributed for non-commercial use by our community, to use for the campaign and also for the readers of this blog to see why we want to save this treasure of Vedanthangal.

Steps you can follow to support the campaign :

Step 1 : Familiarize yourself with the cause and issue by reading the following articles:

Step 2 : Also, check out the following handles on Instagram to see, what some credible people in the field, are writing about the cause :

  • Yuvan Aves@a_naturalists_column

  • Fridays For Future India @fridaysforfuture.india

  • ARTH Art for Humanity @arth_art_for_humanity

  • Salem Ornithological Foundation @salembirds

Step 3 : Send Emails to : -

  1. You can also send a pre-typed letter directly to TN Chief Minister from here.

  2. You can also send a pre-typed letter directly to National Board of Wildlife from here.

Step 4 : Voice your opinion and support on twitter by tagging the following handles:

  • @CMOTamilNadu

  • @SunPharma_LIVE

  • @KCKaruppananofl - Minister for Environment and Pollution Control, Tamil Nadu

  • @PrakashJavdekar - Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Step 5 : Use your understanding of the issue and create artwork. Post it on twitter and instagram along with the handles mentioned above and using the following hashtags:

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