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Introducing children to native trees

Nambi Rajan, our Earth Ambassador, is a passionate young individual, whose spirit is in the mountains. He described his second session at the Theosophical society.

"Theosophical society is like an oasis amidst the concrete jungle of Chennai. We went there with the children of the NSS camp from Lady Sivasami Iyer School. We started by planting native saplings on the camping ground where the students were accommodated. Tree plantation is not just about planting a sapling but also planting the seedling of ideas and knowledge about them. Kids were immersed in this activity and were simply enjoying their time with the nature. They also established a strong connect with the saplings they planted by giving them pet names like Kuttima, Bujjima, Jillukutti etc. The time just flew.

Our next activity was paper making. While waiting, the kids were still drawn towards planting more trees, left over carrot buds, getting twigs, setting up a tiny garden like structure and demonstrating the importance of trees, etc. When we handed them the newspapers, they started speculating how they were going to make a new paper out of it. When the process was demonstrated, they got more enthusiastic and tried new design ideas by placing dry leaves and petals. They looked proud by seeing the fruit of their hard work and it showed in their eyes. Some kids found it hard to believe that the old newspaper was turned into an all new paper on which they can write. They came and took autographs from us as remembrance of this amazing experience.

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