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Fellow Journeys - Suhasini Singh

Earth Ambassadors attending a workshop facilitated by Rachita Sinha during the mid-review workshop.

Suhasini, was the youngest Earth Ambassador in this cohort. She chose her own school and classmates to introduce them to nature and conservation. While this was challenging to her, she managed to organise sessions during lunch breaks and after school hours. The poor weather conditions and unrest in Delhi loomed in her path as an obstacle. This limited her possibility to organise outdoor environmental and conservation education activities. Suhasini’s session introduced topics such as the importance of ecosystems, futuristic thinking, what-if scenarios and youth involvement in conservation. These sessions included Shekar Dattatri’s films such as ‘India’s Disappearing Beaches’, ‘Save Our Sholas’, and ‘From Killer Roads to Humane Highways’. Her sessions were met with enthusiastic participation and active engagement, highlighting once again that age is no barrier to actively participate in environmental and conservation education.


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