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Fellow Journeys - Sowjanya and Tejaswi

Tejaswi and I supported each other from the start, along with the school principal and staff. Tejaswi involved herself in the presentation and implementation of each session, while I organised and documented students' work”, said Sowjanya about her experience as an Earth Ambassador. They created an edible garden at the school premises using the raised bed method. Through this approach, students were introduced to self-reliance, systems in nature, and sustainability. Aided with regular visits by Raja Pandian, a programme team member, they ensured that their garden developed well. They used Shekar Dattatri’s film ‘Save Our Sholas’ and a ‘web of life’ game to introduce children to the interconnectedness of life. The local community heard about their work and they were invited to organise a stall at the annual flamingo festival in Pulicat Lake. There they spoke about migratory birds and the importance of wetlands. Finally, they took a group of students for bird watching at the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary.


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