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Fellow Journeys - Rohit Varma

Rohit saw himself evolve from a nature lover to an environmental educator through the course of this programme. He conducted film screenings using Shekar Dattatri’s films such as ‘Mindless Mining - the tragedy of Kudremukh’ and ‘From Killer Roads to Humane Highways' in a few schools and colleges in Jamshedpur. He then began to volunteer at the A.W. Thomas Girls Home in Shillong. Here, Rohit introduced nature to the children through wildlife and conservation documentaries, engaging games and activities such as building terrariums. When he started to work with children, there were many challenges due to the language barrier, but he embraced them and improved his skills. He was then able to take the children, with staff supervision, to an entomology museum and initiate book-reading sessions for children regularly. Finally, when he visited Andhra Pradesh, he visited the fellow Earth Ambassadors at Padmavathi Vidyalaya and inspired students with his enthusiasm towards nature conservation.


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