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Founder's Note

The moment we hear the word Nature, there is something deep within us that is evoked. Images of forests, greenery, birds, and butterflies flash before us. They kindle joy, calmness, and a longing to be around them. 
Yet, humanity’s indifference to the natural world has created many issues that are now threatening the existence of biodiversity and our lives. The reality is: we are the last generation that can save our future before it’s too late. At such a time, our Planet needs every one of us to be an environmentalist in our own right. However, there is an acute scarcity of such individuals in India, where natural ecosystems are lifelines for the well-being of 1.3 billion people and magnificent wildlife. 
We strongly believe that this scarcity can be turned into abundance, and it is upon our generation to realise it through determination, courage, and imagination. 

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Youth Conservation Action Network (YouCAN) envisions redefining environmentalism. We foresee that there will be 13 million young environmentalists in the next 25 years who are practising conservation at home, engaging with local governments, schools, and communities to protect and restore the natural world, and work towards improving our planet’s health.


We are committed to be on this path, taking one step at a time, by implementing short-term and long-term experiential learning programs that inspire, empower and nurture students and youth to become environmentalists in their own right.


Becoming an environmentalist begins, and continues, with education.This vision is impossible to realise without the support of hundreds of people who believe in a greener environment. We as sapiens have harnessed the planet over tens of thousands of years by working together. Now, let us work together again to revive the health of our planet and its people.

Welcome to YouCAN, we invite you to join us on this journey and enrich it!


With gratitude,

Rachita and Ramnath

Co-Founders, Youth Conservation Action Network (YouCAN)

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