A program for youth to create and lead nature clubs for children through experiential learning, visual storytelling and leadership.

Program details

India’s natural ecosystems are the lifeline for its 1.3 billion people and its magnificent wildlife. Hundreds of rivers originate from, or are fed by, forests, making them crucial to our water and food security. In spite of such a crucial interconnect with our ecosystems, and the looming climate crisis, most students complete their formal education with very little understanding of the natural world, or how to care for it. The Earth Ambassadors Fellowship Programme, the first and only one of its kind in India, is designed to change this in schools by identifying, training and supporting promising young adults between 18 to 35 years of age to connect children with nature, while equipping their own selves better in this field. Designed for Fellowship, participating youth will create and lead eco-clubs in schools through experiential learning sessions.

The program is based on three themes.

1. Improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an Earth Ambassador.

2. Creating impact on students and the school community through an eco-club.

3. Supporting the Earth Ambassadors to pursue careers and volunteering

opportunities in nature conservation, environment and sustainability.

Upon selection, Earth Ambassadors will attend a 5-day resident training workshop to receive guidance to design, organise and conduct nature education programs for children in their communities. The topics they will learn and introduce to students range from biodiversity, role of every single species in an ecosystem, people’s interrelationship with the natural world, climate change, backyard wildlife, daily environment-friendly practices, and public problem solving. 

The Earth Ambassadors will regroup in the middle, mostly in December,  to share their stories, discuss how to overcome challenges, and receive further guidance. Finally, they will organise an outreach

day in the end, mostly in April, to showcase students’ work in their communities, and present their journey to a larger audience.

Upon selection, we will cover the cost of travel, food and accommodation for the Earth Ambassador Fellows up to 3rd AC by train during workshops. Seed funding options of up to Rs. 30,000/- will be available for the Fellows to run their program, and the selection for this will be based on a short proposal that will be briefed at the time of the first in-residence workshop. 


Upon completion of the program, they will present their work at a public event in Chennai and will become part of a community to support upcoming Earth Ambassadors, and participate in addressing local ecological and conservation issues. The impact assessment and self-review of the program

will be carried out by the Earth Ambassadors through evidence-based reflections and a portfolio using a web-app.

Humility and curiosity to learn

Eagerness to interact with students

Inclination to care for our environment

What will the

Earth Ambassadors learn?

What do we look for in our

Earth Ambassadors?

Humility and curiosity to learn

Eagerness to interact with students

Inclination to care for our environment




Problem solving

Application process


Fill the form below to express your interest to be an Earth Ambassador.


If shortlisted for the first round, you will be notified for a virtual interview through phone/Skype/Hangouts.

Attend a conversation

If shortlisted for the second round, you will be invited for an one-day event.

Become an Earth Ambassador

If selected, join a four day-training program that covers travel, accommodation and resource materials.

Reach out to students

Conduct nature education programs four times a month in your community or your selected school.

Share stories

Share stories of your program in schools through our blog and various social media channels.