Introducing the first cohort of YOUCAN Fellows - The Earth Ambassadors.

Passionate individuals with an inclination to learn, eagerness to connect children with nature and conservation and aspiration to care for our Island Earth.


Dodli N, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

A microbiologist by profession, Dodli chose a career in content writing/editing. She connects with nature, mountains, birds and snakes and wishes to engage in meaningful writing through the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship. Her attachment with birds and snakes are rooted to the place she grew up in Bengal. So, Dodli feels she can make a small contribution to protect and preserve the things that she loves the most, and not just remaining consumers. She is open to feedback and is keen to hone her public speaking skills through this programme.

Kushal Kumar Reddy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Kushal is an undergraduate student at IIT Madras majoring in Biological Sciences. A passionate and enthusiastic learner, he has been part of various organisations on and off campus that work to bring constructive changes in the society. His interest in sustainable living led him to adopt green practices at home as a humble attempt to initiate change. Through the Earth Ambassador Fellowship, he seeks to inculcate curiosity among the young on bio-diversity and environment at the same time infusing consciousness about nature and ecosystem, and inspire them lead a sustainable life. He believes that this fellowship will empower him to initiate and lead the ripple of change in the world around him through these young budding agents of society.  He believes that only sustained conscious efforts by actors, leading to practises and alternate ways of life, will be able to combat environmental issues and pave way for a unceasing and liveable future.


Nisha Bhakat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Nisha Bhakat is a final year chemical engineering student from Kolkata. She realised the important of nature only after graduating from school. She has worked with a conservation group to save a little native patch of forest within a college campus. She believes that it is of vital importance that children understand the joys of being one with nature, in a way that conservation becomes second nature to them. Through the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship, Nisha intends to interact and empathize with the students, exchange ideas and information, and surprise them with how EVS is so much more than one book a year

Nambi Rajan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


A software engineer by profession, Nambi is a keen nature enthusiast and avid trekker. He feels that children are the future and we can guide them to make this world a better place. He believes in responsible trekking with no trash policy, and has been actively involved in volunteering for tree plantation drives and green school initiatives. Through the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship, Nambi intends to reach out to more students and help them gain awareness about environment and conservation while improving his presentation and storytelling skills. 


Prasanth Joseph, Pondicherry, India

Prasanth Joseph runs a travel outfit in Pondicherry, India. He has spent most of his childhood outdoors, and has volunteered with NGOs to teach children about nature and conservation. He is currently working on building his startup to educate children on nature education, and provide them an immersive nature experience outdoors. He has been involved in garbage cleanup drives and has conducted outreach programs in schools. He believes that Earth Ambassadors Fellowship is a knowledge-sharing platform through which he can train himself to teach children about the environment and build future architects for conservation.


Sathya Priya .G, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sathya Priya is a final year humanities and social sciences student at the IIT Madras. She has longed for nature and wildlife awareness programs when she was in school. She is affected by rampant consumerism, disappearing wild spaces and disconnect between children and nature. Interacting with Nammazhwar changed her perception on consumerism. Through the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship, Sathya aspires to redeem her institution’s eco-club by encouraging more students’ participation through frequent bird watching sessions, nature walks and sessions with other eminent people who work in the ground reality for nature conservation.


Suvedha Gurubaran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A farmer at heart and an information technology professional, she believes that change starts from the classrooms and educating next generation children about eco-literacy will be the first step towards the conservation of our environment. She has volunteered for many coastal cleanup drives and tree plantation activities after the Varadha cyclone. She is keen to incorporate daily conservation practices among the minds of children. Suvedha feels that the Earth Ambassadors Fellowship will be a medium for her to reach out to the beautiful and young lives of our future generation.