Interaction and facilitation are two of the most important skills to conduct education and outreach sessions on environment and conservation. An interactive session when facilitated after a well made documentary will lead to a deep understanding in students on the impo...

Like how there are many ways to reach out to a school principal and plan for an awareness session on ecosystems, there are many ways to conduct them too. They depend on the region, culture, medium of instruction, age group, the resource person’s core values and skills,...

There are thousands of ways to plan for an awareness session to introduce students to ecosystems. It depends on the region, culture, medium of instruction, the resource person’s style and the content. But, one indelible fact to remember while planning for this in today...

There is no ‘one right way’ to approach the Principal of a school in India to conduct an awareness session on environment and conservation. It varies depending on the kind of program and your personality type. But, here are seven pointers to keep in mind. These are the...

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