YouCAN identifies young adults, support them to become educators, and empower them to improve environmental education in schools.

Since 1970s, global wildlife population has declined by 58%. We are in danger of losing all of the world’s wilderness by 2050s. In India, natural ecosystems are the lifeline for its 1.3 billion people and its magnificent wildlife. Hundreds of rivers originate from, or are fed by, forests, making them crucial to our water and food security. In spite of such a crucial interconnect with our ecosystems, and the looming climate crisis, most students complete their formal education with very little understanding of the natural world, or how to care for it. In such a scenario, we need to transform the way children learn about nature in schools. This will lead to a healthy and sustainable planet in the present and future. Youth Conservation Action Network (YOUCAN) is an enabler in this space to create conditions for such a change through youth leadership and collective impact.  

We are a non-profit, non-commercial, community-driven initiative that improves environmental education in schools by providing guidance and direction for young adults to teach students about nature and conservation.  We define nature and environmental education programs as the ones that are rooted in proven education practices, authentic information, repeated engagement and effective storytelling. They must lead to sustained learning outcomes in children and youth. 

YOUCAN is committed to follow a rigorous process while selecting, training and guiding young people in such a way that they adhere to universal core values. Our program is aligned with UN's Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 15: Life on Land, Goal 14: Life Under Water, and Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals).

We believe that, children will develop ecological consciousness and demonstrate a positive impact on the planet, if there was a nature educator in every school.

Our Focus Areas


Working with diverse stakeholders of the school education system to co-create programs that provide learning opportunities for students to understand environment and conservation.


Providing guidance and direction to youth through storytelling and leadership to become effective communicators and environment leaders.


Developing green learning materials through photography, filmmaking and art.

Research & Policy

Initiating demographic studies and understanding policy with a goal towards systems-level change.

Team and Partners

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar

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Conservation Educator & Filmmaker

Founder & Co-convener at YOUCAN

Rachita Sinha

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Educator & Youth Facilitator

Founder & Program Lead at YOUCAN


Shekar Dattatri

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Wildlife and Conservation filmmaker

Mentor & Advisor

The Gerry Martin Project

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Conservation & Education



Adhyayan Foundation

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Capacity building organisation

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HLC International

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Ashoka Changemaker School and

Social Incubation Centre

Roshini Jacob

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Communications and Media Lead

Raja Pandian

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Experiential Learning Lead


Finance and administration in-charge